Dan Lincoln Harris.

World-class designer in the digital products and services ecosystem. Published fine art photographer focusing on the relationship between the wilderness and humanity. And investor who funds companies that lead in design innovation and beautifully simple customer experiences.


Born during the spring thaw in Minnesota. As a child, my parents carried me on their backs into the woods, and brought me around wolves. Raised across mid-west and north-east of United States.  Went west to California after university. Been exploring the wilderness of the American West in the seasons since then. Wandering far into nature's realm for weeks, on and on.

Practice and Purpose

My main two main practices are Product Design and Fine Art Photography. Exploration My investment work focuses 



1992 - Born in Minnesota

2010 - Begins studying at Clemson´╗┐ University

2011 - Starts art and design at night after classes

2014 - Graduates Clemson University

2015 - Heads west to California to begin interface design at tech startup

2016  - Ventures into wilderness to photograph alone begin