Estate Plan Builder

Role: Lead Product Designer

Estate planning every year contributes tens of millions to LegalZoom's revenue, yet the total market spend for estate planning services each year in the U.S. is $5 billion. The estate planning product and service LegalZoom offers is far behind competition. And the experience and technology do not allow us to effectively go after the total addresable customer base. Given the two main issues of a poor customer experience and the lack of flexibility in our technology and product. 

This is where the Estate Plan Builder enters the picture. The goal was to create a best-in-class solution for building estate plans. An experience that enables our customers to craft estate plans they have trust and pride in. But also start to envision what sort of product could create the opportunity for us to cater to the significantly larger unaddressed market in estate planning.


Let's start with the customer.

Their goals. Their problems.

We began our understanding talking to dozens of people that have either used legalzoom in the past, who started using our products, or who were considering it. 



In our research with customers, the difficulty and complexity at every step in the process was overwhelming.



Complexity of the legal process, from beginning to end creates a lack of confidence in which product to purchase, how to most accurately answer for their situation. Customer's don't even have confidence in whether they have completed all necessary steps.


Finding expert help

When customers have questions during their journey, they do not know where to turn to get answers from trusted sources.

Customer Behavior

45 minutes

Complexity throughout the process (from selecting a product to completing the process) is causing painfully long session times. Median session time to finish an estate plan on the web application is 45 minutes (using a 30 day sample).

10 years

Not only do customers end up changing their estate plan documents multiple times per year, but they are coming back multiple years after completion. Often with the mind that this is a product they will have to evolve over a decade or more. In short, this is a product with a long lifespan.

8 stakeholders

Throughout their journey, customers add up to 8 other people in their estate plan, whether that is their spouse, their chosen guardian for children, or even their financial advisor. This meant we had to invest time in solutions around inviting stakeholders at the right time, permissions to view, and of course security. 


Finding innovate solutions

from research & testing

Solutions focused on the long term customer journey


Simple Expectations. Obvious feedback.

Due to the complexity of the topic, it is even more important to have clear and simple expectations at each touchpoint in the customer journey. And provide guidance along the way with feedback.


Think & Do For The Customer

When possible, we will make recommendations, automate easy tasks, and go the extra mile to do some thinking on the customer's behalf - leveraging our robust network of attorneys, as well as our data on previously completed estate plans. All with the goal to simplify and expidite the experience.


Expert help, a click away

One of our strongest value propositions at LegalZoom is a nation-wide network of vetted attorneys. But customer's previously had no visible way to get into contact with them. So throughout the application we ensured high visibility of our attorneys, as well as ways to get in touch with them should the customer want additional help.


The Estate Plan Builder v1.0